• Vanessa Codaccioni, La société de vigilance
  • Original titel: La société de vigilance
  • Omfang: 160 s.
  • Udgivelsesår: 2021
  • Forlag: Textuel

La société de vigilance

Vanessa Codaccioni

The Society of Vigilance (La Société de vigilance) begins with the observation that, everywhere in the world, populations are incited to ensure their own security and that of their country. Everywhere, calls for vigilance and individual responsibility multiply while States rely increasingly on citizens to surveil, repress and punish. At work, on the internet, in the streets, at school, in the heart of the family. Continuing her work on repression, Vanessa Codaccioni traces out the advent of this phenomenon. She shows how numerous apparatuses tend to use populations for security-related ends, inciting behaviors normally associated with police, spies or warriors, and institutionalizing mutual surveillance and informing on others.


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Vanessa Codaccioni

Vanessa Codaccioni is an associate professor, habilitated to supervise research, at the Université Paris 8, and a member of the CNRS research unit CRESPPA-CSU, the Center for Sociological and Political…