• Geneviève Pruvost, Quotidien politique Féminisme, écologie et subsistance
  • Original titel: Quotidien politique Féminisme, écologie et subsistance
  • Omfang: 400 s.
  • Udgivelsesår: 2021
  • Forlag: La Découverte

Quotidien politique Féminisme, écologie et subsistance

Geneviève Pruvost

In The Political Everyday: Feminism, Ecology, Subsistence (Quotidien politique. Féminisme, écologie, subsistance), Geneviève Pruvost explores contemporary ecological and anticapitalist alternatives to demonstrate that everyday life is a basis in which the political is founded. The end of peasant societies, fully equipped kitchens, the concretization of arable land, the erasure of indigenous knowhow and cosmogonies, ignorance of the rhythms of the living world … One learns to deplore thes diverse phenomena today. For fifty years, though, ecofeminist theorists, critics of industrial modernity, have been telling us that these are, in fact, linked. This book is devoted to their ideas, little known in France, and to the existential and political lessons to be drawn from them.


« C’est à un voyage que nous convie la sociologue Geneviève Pruvost à travers cette magistrale enquête intellectuelle. [...] Radical et éblouissant. »

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Geneviève Pruvost

Geneviève Pruvost is a sociologist of work and gender at the Centre d’étude des mouvements sociaux (Center for the Study of Social Movements), EHESS. Her research focuses on the politicization…