• Catherine Hass, War today
  • Original titel: Aujourd’hui la guerre. Penser la guerre : Clausewitz, Mao, Schmitt,administration Bush
  • Omfang: 400 s.
  • Udgivelsesår: 2019
  • Forlag: Fayard

War today

Catherine Hass

War Today – Conceptions of War. Clausewitz, Mao, Schmitt, the Bush administration, an essay based on Hass’s PhD dissertation, seeks to dispel the ambiguity surrounding the meaning of the word war in present times.
While the word is readily invoked to talk about terrorism and health crises, the authorities are reluctant to qualify their military operations in Mali or Syria as such. This essay demonstrates how the political weight of the word “war” has been stripped away since the fall of the Berlin wall, completely obscuring its complexity.


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Catherine Hass

Catherine Hass is an anthropologist, researcher at the Centre of Industrial Economy (CERNA), at Mines ParisTech, and at PSL Research University,and lecturer at Sciences Po Paris. A specialist in contemporary…