• Cloé Korman, You Look Like a Jew
  • Original titel: Tu ressembles à une juive
  • Omfang: 108 s.
  • Udgivelsesår: 2020
  • Forlag: Seuil

You Look Like a Jew

Cloé Korman

In her autobiographical essay You look like a Jew, Cloé Korman pursues and expands on a discussion she first opened in AOC, on the French habit of distinguishing between anti-Semitism and racism. The book opens with a comment made one day by her grandmother: “Tie up your hair or you’ll look like a Jew”. With this exhortation to be more discreet, to conform to a specific physical norm, the child of Jewish refugees inquires into identity labels, but also the perverse strategy of dividing up xenophobic hatred, and its disastrous political consequences.



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Cloé Korman

Cloé Korman has published three books with the Éditions du Seuil. She contributed to the edited volume Livre des places for the publisher Éditions Inculte, and has edited two anthologies…